Story-Driven Growth Marketing

As the pace of innovation increases and the shelf life of knowledge decreases businesses are struggling to adapt. Rapid changes in competitors, traction channels, and consumer behavior test our assumptions daily. In this environment, real growth requires critical thinking, constant learning, and an entrepreneurial mind.

We use the Lean Startup principals to drive specific, measurable business outcomes.

Our guiding principals:

  • Forget everything you know about marketing, it’s already changed.
  • Departments must align to a single Longterm Key Performance Indicator (LKPI.)
  • Data-driven strategies and rapid iteration speed time-to-market. What’s measured is managed. 
  • Customers own your brand and your fate — snuggle close.
  • Marketing is a cross-functional discipline and must be integrated with the product, engineering, and sales.
  • T-Shaped marketing leaders managing a closed loop system will optimize marketing spend.
  • Traction channels must align to customer behavior across Paid, Earned, Shared and Owned Media (PESO.
  • The narrative is the most important element of any marketing mix. Channels change, but stories drive business outcomes.
  • Programs must be tailored to company stage and business objectives. 
  • The Lean Startup era has arrived, embrace it or die.