With a passion for helping company’s position themselves effectively in the always growing and shifting startup world, Marissa Harrison and Juliet Travis joined forces to create Lean Startup Strategies, a consulting firm focused on creating strategic and high-level roadmaps that build brands, make connections, and create stories. Founded in 2014 by the Marketing and Growth gurus, Lean Startup Strategies came from the idea that a startup’s story could be shared, analyzed, positioned and amplyfied in a way that builds on successes along the way, and sets company’s up for future, measurable success.


Marissa Verson Harrison

Storyteller. Marketing Maven. Growth Specialist.

Marissa is a storyteller. She creates narratives that drive business outcomes. Having built a successful PR agency, and trying her hand at product-based entrepreneurship, she has built a proven system for creating high-impact stories that create a naritive for growth, and move people to act.

Juliet L. Travis


PR Guru. 


Juliet leverages her expertise and powerful network of contacts and resources to ensure client success. During the last decade, Juliet has worked with both international and boutique public relations agencies, and managed marketing and public relations campaigns for large public to smaller private companies.


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